Toronto universities are postponing or cancelling spring convocation this year

Andrew Mohan   Mar 27 2020

Ryerson University, York University and University of Toronto have now either postponed or cancelled spring convocation this year due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Each university is approaching different ways to handle the graduation ceremony for its students, which is detailed below.

Students from these three universities will still graduate and receive their degree or certificate on time.

Ryerson University

Ryerson has postponed all its spring convocation but is exploring a virtual or another way to hold the ceremony later in the year.

However, graduates have the option to participate in the fall convocation once those plans are set into motion.

University of Toronto

University of Toronto has cancelled its Spring convocation outright and will not offer graduates to attend other in-person ceremonies during the fall or next year, citing space limitations in its venue.

The university will be exploring other methods to celebrate graduation in the absence of a convocation.

York University

York University has postponed its Spring convocation but is exploring two alternative plans for students looking to participate in graduation ceremonies.

The first option is a virtual ceremony, which is not a direct replacement but will still serve as a way to celebration for graduates.

The second plan is to expand the university’s Fall ceremony for students that want to attend with friends and family.

Source: (1) Ryerson University, (2) University of Toronto, (3) York University

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