Toronto universities have cancelled in-person classes; campuses still open

Andrew Mohan   Mar 13 2020

Ryerson, York and the University of Toronto have now cancelled in-person classes for the rest of the semester due to increasing health concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

This means that all courses and exams will now be done online and through alternative methods.

However, all campuses will remain open along with student residency, which means that students won’t be without accommodations during this time.

Each university has some variances to how it’ll approach the coronavirus, which has been detailed below.

Ryerson University

  • In-person classes have been suspended starting on March 13.
  • Students will be hearing back from their respective departments about how each course will proceed until the end of the semester on March 16.
  • International travel by students and staff that have been paid for by Ryerson is cancelled until August 31, 2020 or further notice.
  • Faculty travel to level 3 countries is prohibited August 31, 2020 or further notice.
  • Ryerson events that are on and off campus are cancelled or postponed until May 1, 2020, including ones that are organized by student groups.
  • Facilities will remain open during this time.

University of Toronto

  • In-person classes have been cancelled starting on March 16, with consultation currently happening in regards to accreditation requirements and other circumstances.
  • Students and faculty members will be informed of the results from the consultation on March 16.
  • Libraries, residences, food services, gyms, health and wellness centres and public spaces will still be open for use.

York University

  • In-person classes will be cancelled on March 16.
  • All non-essential events not required for academic purposes have been cancelled or postponed on March 13 after midnight.
  • Both the Tait Mackenzie Centre and Glendon Athletics Club will be closed until April 30, 2020.
  • Work and clinical places will continue to operate.

These announcements have come a day after the Ontario government motioned to close publicly funded schools two weeks after March Break.

Source: (1) Ryerson University, (2) University of Toronto, (3) York University

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