Top 5 places to visit during March Break 2020

Andrew Mohan   Mar 13 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the city, with the Ontario government cancelling two weeks of school after March Break and telling people to take precautions if you’re travelling around crowded areas.

However, if you still plan on taking your kids out during March Break, you’ll want to go attractions that will keep their interest for more than a couple of hours.

Here’s five suggestions for places to take your children or grandkids that’ll give them (and you) enjoyment during a rather stressful time.

As a disclaimer, these places could be subject to closure during the next week.

We also suggest to keep safe during this time as your health is the highest priority.

1. The Rec Room

The Rec Room should not be the first place on your itinerary but it should definitely be a spot to visit when you need a break.

For starters, the restaurants inside caters to the inner child with food that can appeal to the pickiest of eaters. And while you’re waiting for food, you’ll be served with popcorn which would no doubt win some votes with your company.

However, the highlight of this area is the vast amount of arcade machines, which ranges from Mario Kart Arcade GP to beer pong (without the alcohol) in order to win lots of tickets.

It makes a great stop if you’ve finished travelling up the CN Tower, especially since the two locations are practically side by side from one another.

2. Royal Ontario Museum (CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19)

Yes, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is one of the most obvious choices to visit during March Break.

But, to make it an experience that kids would enjoy, it’s important to look at the special exhibits it has to offer.

The ROM will have most of its activities focused on the Winnie the Pooh franchise, offering an exhibit focused on the lovable bear, face paintings, an activity zone focused on the Hundred Acre Woods and more.

There will be other events to do such as a film festival, create communal art and a scavenger hunt where you can compete with friends or family.

Besides the Winnie the Pooh exhibit, the ‘Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches’ will be displayed during March Break, which dives into the facts and myths about bats and other bloodsucking animals.

Most of the programs will be available each day from 11 p.m. to 4 p.m., though the exhibits will still be open until closing.

The ROM will also have its hours extended to 8:30 p.m. on March 17 as part of the 3rd Tuesday Night free event.

For more information on the ROM’s March Break plans, check it out here.

3. Casa Loma (CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19)

Casa Loma is another guaranteed place for kids to enjoy during the Spring break.

It will be having an ‘Imagine Dragons’ event, which transforms Casa Loma into a castle straight out of a fairy tale. Dragons are also scattered outside of the castle.

The March Break event will also have interactive activities revolved around this fantasy like setting, such as the Knight School and Circus Dragons performances.

There will also be arts and craft programs at the Austin Room, making Casa Loma a predictably interesting choice for families to visit during for the holiday week.

Image Credit: Tourism Toronto

4. Ontario Place

If you’re looking to celebrate the last of winter’s festivities, Ontario Place on the weekend is a great way to spend part of your march break.

The amusement park is still having its ‘Winter Lights Exhibition,’ which consists of work from multiple Canadian artists.

However, if the kids aren’t entertained by the unique artistry, they’ll most likely love the community bonfires and paint classes.

During these bonfires, you’ll be able to make s’mores and enjoy the specialty hot chocolate stand.

The Ontario Place is also free to attend, so while there won’t be rides available, there’s many other fun activities to occupy your time.

Just remember to visit on either Friday to Sunday, since those are the dates when the bonfire and paint activities take place.

5. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

This is perhaps the most obvious choice out of this list and for good reason.

Ripley’s Aquarium is a great way to captivate the mind, both old and young, especially if you’ve never been there yourself.

The aquarium has exhibits such as ‘Planet Jellies,’ which uses lights to make jellyfishes a work of art, and the ‘Dangerous Lagoon,’ where you can see sharks from under the tank while riding a moving sidewalk.

There’s also various play areas for kids spread throughout Ripley’s Aquarium, making it an enjoyable and education place to spend March Break at.

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