How Toronto is dealing with the coronavirus and social distancing: Week Two

Andrew Mohan   Mar 27 2020

Toronto has lasted another week of social distancing at a time where it’s crucial to continue doing our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

More precautions were made this week to ensure that people self-isolate or continue social distancing during this time.

For starters, it’s now mandatory to self-isolate for two weeks if you’ve just travelled back from another country. This means no going out to supermarkets, walking around outside or travelling to meet friends or family.

The Ontario government has also ordered mandatory closures for businesses it deemed non-essential, which was documented in a list.

Playgrounds and park amenities have also been closed by Mayor John Tory as a way to limit gatherings that have been forming.

While Toronto is not on lockdown, it’s highly important to maintain social distancing and proper hygiene to limit spreading coronavirus as much as possible.

How has it been after the second week of social distancing?

This is never an ideal situation but we all have to do our part with social distancing and continue to fight off COVID-19.

However on some days, it’s easier said than done as I’m sure some people are bored of repeatedly engaging in the same activity, whether it’s with playing video games or watching Netflix.

What I suggest to avoid this burnout is by constantly change which activity you do each day.

For example, one day might be focusing on your hobby and a movie. The next day might be playing a game while talking to friends online.

The key aspect is to create new events so days don’t blend in and you’re living in some sort of matrix.

Since Toronto is having sunny weather outside, it’s fine to step out a bit and grab some fresh air, as long as you aren’t sick and are still socially distancing yourself.

There are some days where I absolutely need to soak in the sun, which alleviates some of the mental stress that coronavirus has given during these unprecedented times.

The more we practice and keep ourselves occupied inside, the better it’ll be for society to return back to normal.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe as we all progress through another week of social distancing.

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