How Toronto is dealing with the coronavirus and social distancing: Week One

Andrew Mohan   Mar 20 2020

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Toronto as the city is continuing to deal with COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

While precautions around public areas were in place, it was only on March 16 that all levels of government advised social distancing.

The turning point was just before March Break on March 13, where multiple attractions such as the Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario announced a temporary closure to limit the coronavirus spread.

The Ontario government then announced a state of emergency on March 17, calling for restaurants and bars to accept only delivery and take-out orders.

It also called for non-essential businesses to temporarily close, which most stores have done.

So how has Toronto been handling social distancing?

In terms of essential retail stores, it’s been difficult for both workers and consumers alike.

Companies have taken more health precautions such as Sobeys, which is installing plexiglass shields for cashiers.

However, some non-essential stores have come under criticism for staying open when the municipal government has urged those to practice social distancing.

Likewise, there are still people panic buying unnecessary amounts of important items such as toilet paper and disinfectants, making it nearly impossible for those who need it.

As Toronto continues its mission to curb out coronavirus, we should all remain cautious and courteous towards others, whether it’s buying house products or communicating with retail workers.

Curing the side effect of social distancing… boredom

Social distancing should be the number one priority but it has led some people to boredom, which is understandable since many are used to going outside.

Some are using the time to pick up lessons or hobbies that they’ve previously dropped. Personally speaking, it’s given me more time to learn Japanese.

However, there are other ways to create events without feeling as if there’s nothing to do.

One suggestion for movie lovers is to create your own personal film fest, whether it’s a specific genre or a studio. For example, I’ve spent the last few days continuing my Studio Ghibli marathon, since I stopped in early February.

Though it’s still early days with this social distancing, there are inventive ways to keep yourself entertained as we go through this tough period.

We wish everyone well and to stay safe during this time.

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