Top 5 coffee shops worth experimenting with in The PATH

Andrew Mohan   Mar 03 2020

There are some days that you feel more experimental or daring to try something new.

It could be travelling using different transportation, changing up your usual workout routine, or in this case, trying new coffee.

The usual suspects that people typically grab coffee from are either Tim Hortons, Starbucks or McDonald’s.

However, there are many other chains worth your while in the Toronto PATH that provide not only great drinks but foods as well.

Here are five coffee houses worthwhile to pay a visit.

1. M Square Coffee Co.

If there was ever a place that takes their coffee brewing process seriously, it’s this coffee house.

M Square is known for carefully blending coffee using fresh ingredients, even using a rating system to make a consistently great beverage.

The coffee shop also has a gourmet oatmeal bar, making it quite the interesting place to grab breakfast.

M Square Coffee Co. is located inside the Sheraton Centre food court.

2. Sam James Coffee Bar

Sam James Coffee Bar has always been more expressive, which can be seen through its artistic logo and the interior design of its buildings.

However, this form of expression can be tasted through its coffee and other beverages, which makes this a great shop to buy your caffeinated drink.

This company’s approach to coffee is making it sweet, which is why its brewing process is used to bring out a natural sweetness through its beans.

Sam James Coffee Bar also keeps it short and sweet with its menu, rather than an extensive list that other coffee houses have.

There is one coffee shop located in the PATH on 150 King Street West, which is between St. Andrew Station and the Exchange Tower.

3. Maman

If you’ve visited New York City, you might have heard of this coffee shop before.

Maman is known for producing food and drinks inspired by Southern France and North America.

The chain has a bunch of accolades, such as having the best chocolate chip cookies in New York from NY Magazine and being on Oprah Winfrey’s ‘favourite things of 2017’ list.

Its First Canadian Place location is one of two shops only here in Canada, making the coffee house quite an attraction to visit.

4. Mos Mos Coffee

Mos Mos is a very interesting coffee shop due to the way it prepares its flavoured drinks.

For starters, the coffee shop uses Laotian bean to make unique blended beverages such as mango or taro chai latte.

Baristas also mix the milk with the coffee differently, so that the drink stays consistently sweet while you drink.

Mos Mos has three locations inside of the Toronto PATH, one in the First Canadian Place, another in Commerce Court West and the last inside the Thomson Building.

5. Strange Love Cafe

Despite its name, it won’t be strange falling in love with this cafe.

Strange Love Cafe is similar to M Square Co.’s approach to coffee brewing, defining it as an obsession similar to wine lovers.

This coffee house prepares multiple blends of coffee in order to create interesting, yet great tasting beverages.

Strange Love Cafe also serves freshly baked French goods, which makes a great pairing with your coffee.

The coffee house is located inside Royal Bank Plaza on the lower concourse floor.

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