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PATH Map - Toronto's Downtown Walkway

For help navigating the PATH, take a look at the city of Toronto's generic PATH map. We use this map to index featured merchants, and it also appears in displays throughout the concourse.

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Tips For Getting Around The PATH

PATH Marker
Signs ranging from free standing outdoor pylons to door decals identify entrances to the walkway.

In many elevators there is a small PATH logo mounted beside the button for the floor leading to the walkway.

Next Destination
PATH directional signs tell you which building you’re in and the next building you’ll be entering. The arrow is one of the PATH compass colours: blue (north), red (south), yellow (east), or orange (west).

Street Name
Street names are identified as you walk under them.

Which way is north? These ceiling-mounted compasses have colour-coded arrows pointing N-S-E-W.

This symbol indicates an alternative route for people with disabilities whenever a flight of stairs lies ahead.

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Find the best restaurants and shopping deals in downtown Toronto on the PATH, the largest underground shopping complex in the world.

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